Every Discount Helps | Home Insurance Tips

by mdove

Finding the best rates on homeowners insurance isn’t too difficult. One call or visit to the Independent Agents at Dove Insurance allows you to shop multiple companies instantly. This means you get competitive rates and coverages instead of the isolated view of one company.

Of course, there are other ways to save money on your homeowners insurance. We’ve already talked about the possible savings by combining your policies together, such as home and auto, and here a few more tips that may save you a few dollars:

  • Install dead bolt locks. This is one of the most common discounts that homeowners receive. Most homes already have these in place and even if you don’t; they’re very inexpensive to install.
  • Having smoke alarms. Damage caused by fire are a big concern for insurance companies, therefore some companies will provide discounts if at least one fire alarm is permanently fixed inside the home.
  • Install a home security system. Having a home security system installed may get you a discount, especially if the system directly contacts the police and fire department. Talk with your independent agent to see what programs and discounts are available for home security systems.
  • Choose your pets wisely. Most insurance companies aren’t very eager to insure a home that houses pets with risks (ex. pitbull, doberman, etc..). So plan ahead when choosing your family’s newest addition.
  • Being a non-smoking household. Not only is this good for your health, but it may save you some money on your insurance. Accidental fires and damage caused by smokers does occur and creates an extra hazard that doesn’t exist with non-smokers.
  • Payment Options. Opting for the right payment plan can be a huge factor in the overall cost of your homeowners policy. To make it simple—the more you can pay upfront, the less you will pay. Also, setting up your payments through an EFT can save you money since most companies charge extra for mailed payments.

The above discounts aren’t going to WOW you, but as the old saying goes, “Every little bit helps.”


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