Fall is here, be prepared for the change of season

by mdove

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Though the weather may still be a bit warm, fall is here. As with each change in season, taking the time to prepare for the upcoming months is a smart decision. Take the time after work or set aside a few hours on the weekend to complete your checklist.

Below are just a few of the suggested home and auto maintenance for everyone to consider:

#5 Creeping Fog

Cooler morning and evening temperatures against warmer fall days inevitably lead to foggy roadways just in time to set the mood for Halloween! This happens even more so in low lying areas, so be aware of a sudden change in road conditions. Slow it down and keep your distance from the cars ahead of you. Use your low beams, rather than high, and you’ll be in the clear, so to speak.

Make sure your group is seen. Add glow sticks to your group’s outfits and bring a flashlight with you so motorists can see you in the dark when crossing streets and as you walk past driveways.

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