Classic Car Insurance in Virginia


We know that classic car owners put a lot of time, money, and heart into their vehicles, and many classic cars are worth more in sentimental value than they are in actual dollars. When something is that priceless, it must be protected.

Perhaps it’s nostalgia, but there is an indefinable quality about classic cars that (pardon the pun) revs us up. These beautiful machines are iconic achievements that have stood the test of time.

At Dove Insurance we’ve partnered with Hagerty, the most trusted classic car insurance provider in the USA. How did they become the best? By simply offering what classic car owners care about the most:

  • Guaranteed Value. Unlike most automobiles, classic cars maintain or increase in value every year. Most companies offer Actual Cash Value or Stated Value polices that may factor in depreciation in the event of a claim.Hagerty secures the value of your classic car by agreeing with you on an insured value and in the event of a covered total loss; you’re guaranteed to receive that amount. Period.
  • Expert Claims Handling. Hagerty’s adjusters receive hands on training in classic car repair, and they even have a parts specialist on staff whose only job is tracking down the perfect replacement part for your classic car. And they will let you choose your own repair shop or if you prefer, they’ll pay you to do the work yourself.

Additionally, with Hagerty  you get low premiums and extras like emergency road assistance specifically equipped to handle classic cars.

You don’t treat your classic car like everything else on the road. So it makes perfect sense not to insure it like everything else.

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