Classic Car Insurance in Virginia

Your classic car is not just an ordinary car. It is more than an investment since the sentimental value is more important to you than the cash value. You want to see it clean, sheltered, and well maintained. To do that, you need to get a car insurance policy that is not bare bones.

At Dove Insurance Agency, we provide you with a classic car insurance policy to help protect your precious Virginia vehicle. We understand that vintage or antique cars are sentimental and that is why we have developed a plan that caters to all your needs.

If you are still wondering whether to take this policy, it is time you ask yourself some very crucial questions. What happens when your car gets damaged? Will you get a mechanic who can repair it using the best and original spare parts? Will you be able to cover the repair and maintenance costs? Dove Insurance Agency in Christiansburg, VA is here to remove all your worries.

Guaranteed value

Unlike other cars, classic cars' worth appreciates with time. Therefore, you need a policy that does not factor depreciation. At Dove Insurance Agency, we agree on the total payout value before the incident occurs. If your car gets damaged, we can reimburse you the entire insured amount. It is important to go over this thoroughly with your insurance agent.

Replacement parts coverage

To get your car running just as it was new, you need to replace the old and damaged parts with original parts. We provide you with original spare parts, and also, we have specialists who work with you to make sure you are satisfied with the results of your repair.

Roadside assistance

If your vehicle breaks down while you are on a trip, we have specialized towing services to ensure your car gets to the garage without any wear and tear.

If you are in Virginia, make a point to visit our offices in Christiansburg, VA for more information. Our agents at Dove Insurance Agency can work with you and help you find the coverage for your classic.

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