Commercial Insurance in Virginia

Are you a business owner in Virginia?

Dove Insurance Agency in Christiansburg, VA is here to offer you a commercial insurance policy that will take care of all your needs. Owning a business means you have worked hard to get there and therefore, it is an investment to you. Just as important as it is to have traffic from customers, so is it essential to secure it from any unforeseen risks.

At Dove Insurance Agency, we have employees that are dedicated and passionate about their work. They will visit your business if need be so that they can understand the nature of your work. From there, they will guide you through the best coverage options for your business. We value our clients, and that is why we make it our duty to guide you through every policy before you sign any agreement.

Some of the coverage options you will get once you visit our offices or contact us include:

Property Insurance

With this insurance coverage, your business building structure, as well as your assets, are protected. That includes your documents, furniture, electronics, and even cash that may have been in the office when damage or theft occurred.

Liability Insurance

As long as you run a business, you should acquire a liability coverage since you are dealing with customers and competitors. For example, if one gets injured while on your business premises, and he or she sues your company, you will be required to cater for the medical expenses.

Those are the main commercial coverage options. However, we also offer a worker's compensation policy, commercial auto policy and business owner's policy among more. So, if you are in Virginia, feel free to contact us or visit our offices in Christiansburg, VA to get a commercial insurance policy and have your questions answered by our agents.

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