Umbrella Insurance

We all love that little “extra” something. Even if it’s a simple gesture like opening a door or saying thank you, the impact of that “extra” effort can be enormous.

When it comes to protecting ourselves and our property, Umbrella Insurance provides that little “extra” something.

Umbrella Insurance literally puts your policies, such as auto and home, underneath its protection from claims that go beyond the liability limits of standard insurance coverage.

What does an Umbrella Policy Cover?

  • What transpires to you and your family’s wealth should you be sued for an accident and the legal costs of the court case seriously surpassed the liability defined by your homeowners insurance policy?
  • What happens if you are found responsible for a multi-automobile accident and your liability expenditure exceed the limits for your vehicle insurance policy by tens of thousands of dollars?
  • Would your commercial liability coverage be adequate for an injury that occurs on your business property?

When it rains can you live without an umbrella? If you walk outside or stand in the rain will life still go on?

Yes… but when it starts to downpour it would be wonderful to have that extra protection. Umbrella Insurance is much the same way.

Don’t wait until the downpour to discover that your policy won’t cover your assets.

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