Progressive Loyalty Rewards Programs

Did you know that Progressive offers a loyalty program with immediate benefits for customers?

Simply put—the longer you stay with Progressive the more benefits are are automatically attached to your policy. These rewards come at no cost to you and there’s no enrollment needed. If you have a Progressive personal lines policy then you start with benefits immediately.

Tiered Benefits

Take a look at the chart below and you can see how Progressive applies the rewards.

The definitions for the above benefits are as followed:

Small Accident Forgiveness. With Small Accident Forgiveness, your rate won’t go up if you need to report a small claim. Generally, a “small claim” is anything under $500, but this varies by state, so be sure to call us to find out what applies in your state.

Continuous Insurance Discount. As your relationship with us grows, so do your opportunities to save! This discount increases with each loyalty level until you reach Diamond level. Plus, your discount may be determined by your prior insurance information, so you could start saving sooner than you’d think.

Teen Driver Discount. You save with a Teen Driver Discount if you have a child under 19 who is licensed and rated on your policy.

Large Accident Forgiveness. With Large Accident Forgiveness, your rate won’t go up even if you cause an accident, regardless of the amount. You’ll earn this benefit when you’ve been with us for five years continuously and your policy has been free from violations and claims for the previous three years.

Emerald Access. Get VIP treatment — whenever you call, we’ll move you to the front of the line.

Lifetime Crown Benefits. When you’ve been with us for 20 years, you’ll receive lifetime insurance renewals — even if there are changes to your driving records.

Note: These definitions are intended only as a guideline. All terms and coverages are defined solely by your policy. Eligibility for this discount may be based on how long you’ve maintained your current Progressive policy.

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Premium Credits For Personal Auto Insurance

As I mentioned in a previous post, numerous personal auto insurance carriers in Virginia are sending out “stay at home” credits or “premium payback” to their customers.

The branding of these credits and the payout details vary and are specific to each carrier. But the basic intention is the same: you’ll receive a credit on a portion (15% to 25%) of your April and May premiums.

Some carriers are applying this credit on a customer’s next bill and others are simple sending out a check in the mail.

These credits are being automatically applied so there is nothing you need to do. even your policy is paid in full you’ll still receive the credit.

If you have questions simply give us a call (540) 382-4277

Here are some examples of what carriers are offering:

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Will Additional Landscaping Improve Your Home’s Value?

Spring is here! If you could’t tell from the slightly warmer weather then the garden center lines at home improvement stores should tip you off.

There’s a lot going on with the COVID-19 situation, but nature always keeps itself moving. Perhaps it’s because we have some extra time on our hands or that garden centers are one of the few places still open for business, but landscaping has taken a higher priority for most homeowners this year.

As you walk through the aisles of perennials and annuals do you opt for pieces that you personally like or do you choose options that may improve your property value?

First impressions count, and when a buyer sees your home for the first time, curb appeal and the care of the landscaping are the first indicators of how well the home has been cared for.


Before you start planting or removing existing pieces ask yourself about your commitment level. If you have doubts about finishing your project or if it may prove too complicated then look at hiring a local landscaping professional. Most of these local companies provide free estimates and have numerous options available, depending on your needs.

A well-landscaped home has a significant price advantage over a home with no landscaping. This advantage ranges from 5.5 percent to 12.7 percent depending on the type of landscaping and the home’s original value.


Where to start? Remember that a well cared for property doesn’t have to mean an expensively cared for property. Many shrubs and perennials can be purchased very inexpensively. So when deciding between a Japanese maple (beautiful and costly) and the golden arborvitae (beautiful and much cheaper) think about your ROI (return on investment).

Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Shrubs can be purchased in multiple sizes. Smaller containers are cheaper, are easier to plant, and let the shrub grow naturally in your yard.
  • Some shrubs are “forced bloomed” to show you their colors (think azaleas and roses).
  • Always check light exposure and how/if your piece will fit in your garden
  • Flowers, shrubs, and trees grow! Space your choices wisely

What is Other Than Collision Coverage?

Options are abound when it comes to your Virginia auto insurance policy. While liability coverage and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage are required by state law, other coverage options are just that—optional.

For example, Other Than Collision coverage (sometimes referred to as comprehensive coverage) covers your vehicle from losses such as fire, theft, wind, hail, lighting, vandalism, and if you hit a animal (or an animal hits you!).

Coverage is paid up to the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle at the time of loss minus your policy deductible. Don’t know how your vehicle is worth? A good starting place are reputable services, such as KBB.

Other Than Collision coverage is typically less expensive than Collision coverage. And depending on the value of your vehicle, you may which to keep Other Than Collision on your policy even if it’s an older vehicle or the loan has been paid off.

It’s important to note that some carriers have restrictions on placing Other Than Collision coverage on specific vehicles, such as:

  • The vehicle has a branded or rebuilt title
  • Has prior damage
  • Is over 20 years old

Always ask your Independent Insurance Agent if coverage is available on your policy.

What is Other Than Collision Coverage?

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Compare Term Life Insurance Rates In Seconds

An old saying goes that everyday brings a new challenge. This seems more true with everything going on in the world and our daily lives since the end of February.

With all the hording of food and toilet paper (which still makes no sense), stop and consider that Life Insurance is a necessary product too. It’s a smart financial move, and one that provides assistance to your family.

Dove Insurance Agency has made it easy to compare term life insurance rates with the most reputable companies in the industry. There’s no obligation to these quotes and within seconds you’ll see rate offers:

JUST CLICK AND COMPARE with our online rating tool.

We also have a Life Insurance calculator to help you determine how much coverage you need and an FAQ that answers 5 important questions to the purchase of life insurance.

Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia For Over 50 Years!

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We all love options. Having only one path, especially when purchasing a product, can make us feel uneasy.

Think about the last time you purchased a car, a home, or even dinner. You had a lot of options for each of these purchases and were never limited to just one choice.

Insurance is no different. Though you may hear see endless ads from the same three or four insurance companies, they represent only a small portion of available insurance providers.

  • Is there a better option?
  • Am I paying too much?
  • Does this company fit my billing needs?
  • Are there specific coverages I should know about?

Multiple Carriers, Multiple Options

At Dove Insurance Agency, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available. We’re here to serve you. Check at this list of just some of the insurance companies we represent for home and property insurance:

  • Progressive Home
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Safeco (part of Liberty Mutual)
  • The Hartford
  • Northern Neck Insurance
  • Lititz Mutual
  • National General Insurance
  • Universal Property & Casualty
  • Mercury Insurance
  • State Auto
  • Grange Insurance
  • and more!

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Stay At Home Credits

As a result of the stay at home lockdowns in most U.S. states, many insurance carriers are offering a stay at home credit or returned premium credit for personal auto insurance. Simply put: we’re driving less and that means fewer claims.

No action is required on your part to receive these credits. Each carrier is offering them slightly different, and more carriers are expected to roll out their response in the next few weeks.

Here are some examples of announced credits:

How to create a home inventory

When you hear home inventory what comes to mind? Do you picture all the rooms in your home and all the meaningful personal items that fill them? This is certainly part of it but what about the things that you don’t use or look at every day. Have you ever considered how many seasonal decorations that you have? Probably not, if you are like most people you have a combination of items that you inherited, accumulated and only look at for a few days or months every year. At Dove Insurance Agency in Blacksburg, VA we want to share our more than 50 years of experience with our current and future customers. 

You can opt to do a digital inventory or you can do it the traditional way with a pad and a pen. Whichever way you choose, you need to go through your home room by room and make a record of all the things that it contains. It needs to be detailed and when it comes to electronics especially, having a sales slip, brand name, model number and serial number is not too much information to include. The more detail you include, the better chance that you will have when it comes to a claim of having your items replaced. 

You need to go into your closets, attic, and basement. Open cupboards, drawers and look on shelves. Bring along your camera if you are writing the items and take pictures. Having an appraisal for any of your more expensive items is vital. Being detail-oriented is a very good thing. When you are finished place your inventory in a safe place, safe from fire or flood.

If you want to learn more about creating a home inventory or any other insurance questions, give Dove Insurance Agency on Blacksburg, VA a call. We look forward to helping you no matter what your insurance needs. 



Is My Pool Eligible For Homeowners Insurance?

A quick answer to the above question is yes… and no.

Coverage depends on your carrier, and specifically the eligibility in their pool requirements. For example, here are (2) different insurance companies and their underwriting guidelines for pools:

Company A:

“Properties with swimming pools, hot tubs or spas must be gated with a minimum of a 4 foot fence and locking gate or approved alternate enclosure. Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas must be maintained in working condition. Diving boards or slides are not permitted.”

Company B:

“Properties with unfenced swimming pools, diving boards, or pool slides are ineligible.”

While the above specifics may sound similar there are some notable differences. Some insurance companies have even more specific language for pool requirements such as a minimum required pool depth.

Bottom line: you should always check with your insurance agent about coverage for pools. Don’t assume that coverage applies or that your property remains eligible. Always ask.