If I get in an accident, will the cost of a new car will be covered?

Car insurance is meant to protect us and our vehicle from any damages that may happen while on the road. For most of us, we sincerely hope our car insurance will only be needed for minor fender benders or perhaps a cracked windshield from a stray rock. But what happens when your car is damaged so severely that it is not possible, or financially smart, to repair it? How will you get a new car?

When this happens, insurance companies will declare the car totaled. When a vehicle is totaled, it means that the cost to repair the car to make it whole again is beyond the value of the vehicle itself. In this case, the insurance company is required to “make the policyholder whole again.” So does this mean that you will get a brand new car? Most likely, no. If you are in the situation that your vehicle is less than three months old, some insurance companies will purchase you a new car. Most of the time though, the insurance company will give you the value your vehicle was worth at the time of the accident as determined by an adjuster. It is important to note that this will not pay off your car loan or purchase you a new car if the cost of either exceeds the value of the totaled vehicle.

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Does Home Insurance Protect Jewelry?

Jewelry is a treasure. Most jewelry is gifts that we receive from our loved ones. Losing these possessions or seeing them damaged can be painful. You should ensure that your jewels have insurance coverage by getting a policy from Dove Insurance Agency.

However, most people do not know if their jewelry is protected by their homeowner’s insurance. Take a scenario where you have lost your engagement ring; you are left wondering if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the loss or if you will have to pay for the ring out of pocket.

When are jewels protected under home insurance?

Fortunately, your home insurance protects your jewelry if it is stolen or if it is damaged by some perils like hail, fire, smoke damage, and vandalism, just to mention a few. For example, if thieves break into your home while you are at work or on vacation, your home insurance policy will pay for part of the jewelry’s value. The value will be determined by the limit defined by the particular policy. Also, if a fire occurs in your home and ruins your jewel collection, the replacement cost will be catered for but only up to an absolute limit.

When are pieces of jewelry not protected under home insurance?

Your jewelry is not protected by your homeowner’s policy in some circumstances, for example, if you misplace it, or if it is lost in a flood, you will need an extra policy for its replacement.

It is wise to get an insurance policy specifically designed to protect your jewels. If you are in Blacksburg, VA, contact Dove Insurance Agency, and we will answer your questions about jewelry protection and home insurance. We serve Blacksburg, Salem, Riner, Radford, Roanoke, and Christiansburg and can help you get the right policy for your home. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.