Insurance for Janitorial or Cleaning Businesses

General Liability is an important Insurance Protection for your Janitorial or Cleaning Business.  General Liability Insurance protects you and your business from claims and costs from third party bodily injury or property damage accidents.

It does not cover damages to your own property or injury to your employees.  Separate coverages are available for those exposures.

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3 Things to Remember When Driving in Cold Weather

Cold weather can wreak havoc on the roads. While snow and ice are visible signs that we can watch for when we drive, but other signs aren’t so easy to see but can be equally dangerous. At Dove Insurance Agency, the agents offer advice to their clients in Blacksburg, VA when it comes to staying safe on the roads during the winter months.

Bridges Freeze Faster Than Roadways

Because air is continuously flowing above and below bridges, their surfaces tend to freeze over faster. This can mean slick spots that will send you spinning out of control if you hit them too fast. Slow down when approaching a bridge if the temps are below freezing.

Black Ice is Invisible

Black ice can be found anywhere on the road where moisture collects. Once the water freezes, it blends in with the surface of the road and is difficult to see. Always drive carefully and be aware of the road conditions. If temps are below freezing, drive as carefully as possible.

Allow Your Car Time to Warm Up Before Leaving

Driving your car while the engine is still cold can increase wear and tear. Start your vehicle and allow it to warm up for a few minutes before leaving. This gives the oil enough time to warm up and coat all the parts before you put a load on the engine.

The agents at Dove Insurance Agency offers assistance to their clients who live in Blacksburg, VA and want to know more about safe driving and weather conditions. If you want to learn more, call our office today!

Home Insurance in Virginia With Deductibles Starting at $500 or $1000

If you’re purchasing a new home in Virginia or simply looking for a better rate then contact our family of Independent Agents today. We can coordinate around your closing and will compare rates to help find you the best combination of price and coverage.

We represent multiple insurance providers, instead of working for one company.

Policy Deductible

One item to consider when purchasing a homeowners policy is selecting the policy deductible. Remember, this is the amount you’ll pay out of pocket before your policy coverage begins.

In Virginia, homeowners insurance is available with deductibles starting a $500 or $1000.

Why is this important?

Because many carriers are increasing their minimum policy deductible to $2,000 and sometimes percent deductibles! That means more money out of your pocket before your policy will cover a property loss.

So talk with our family of Independent Agents today or start an online quote and discover everything we can do for you.

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How To Get A Quick & Easy Quote For Your Small Business

At Dove Insurance we’re always looking for ways to connect with you to make insurance simpler. 

To get a Quick and Easy Business Insurance quote just follow this link.

Now you can instantly quote General Liability, Workers Compensation, Cyber Liability, Professional Liability, and many other business types online!

The online process is simple, quick and can provide choices for you to issue and buy the policy you need online.  All at your convenience!

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Sometimes an immediate online quote may not be available for you.  In those situations we will review your information and email the rate proposal directly to you.

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

When purchasing life insurance, the question really isn’t how much you need, but how much capital your family will need at the time of your death, which depends on two variables:

  • Expenses. How much will be needed at death to meet immediate obligations? This amount takes into account all final expenses: uncovered medical bills, funeral and estate-settling costs, outstanding debts, mortgage balance, and college costs to name a few.
  • Income. How much future income is needed to sustain the household? This is the number you’ll arrive at after calculating the “present value” of cash-flow streams your family will need after your death.

We Provide Certificates of Insurance For Your Business Clients

It’s common for clients and customers of your business to ask for a Certificates of Insurance

At Dove Insurance Agency, we can provide business insurance customers with Certificates of Insurance for General Liability, Business Auto, and Workers Compensation.

Information Needed For Certificates

We will need the complete name and postal address for the Certificate Holder along with any special requirements.  We can then send the certificate to the holder by fax or email.

New customers can go to our Business Insurance page to request an easy instant quote for most General Liability or Workers Compensation policies.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover partially damaged roofs?

During the fall and winter in southwest Virginia it’s common for cold fronts to bring strong winds to our area.

So what happens if a storm damages your roof and blows some shingles off? Is this covered by your homeowners policy?

Yes, partially damaged roofs are covered on your homeowners policy. However, your deductible applies first before coverage is available. Remember that your policy deductible is the amount you’re responsible for before insurance “kicks in.”

Homeowners insurance only pays for the damaged part of the roof. So if a storm blows some shingles off or if the roof is partially damaged, your policy will not pay for a brand new roof. Again, only the damaged part is covered.

A typical homeowners policy will have a deductible of $1,000. It’s a good idea to review your deductible every few years to see if you have enough cash saved in case of a claim. A higher deductible will lower your policy premium.

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Easy Virginia Business Insurance Online

We are pleased to offer General Liability business insurance quotes online for many types of Virginia businesses.

Some of the most common are trade contractors such as Residential Plumbing, HVAC, Residential Remodelers, Electrical, Landscaping, and Janitorial Services.

Other polices are also available for Workers Compensation and business owners of Offices, Beauty and Barber Shops, Coffee Shops, and Snack Bars.

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