3 Auto Maintenance Checks You Should Do This Year

Another year has come and gone, and your car is in desperate need of maintenance services. At Dove Insurance Agency, the quality and safety of our customers is important, which is why we are offering you the following reminders. Below are three auto maintenance services that our Blacksburg, VA clients should consider this year to keep their car performing. 

Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Depending on how old your car is, the power steering fluid may have never been changed. If so, it is time to flush the old fluid and have fresh fluid flowing. This fluid is designed to keep the power steering operational and allow you to turn your vehicle left and right with no effort at all. 

Have Your Tires Inspected

What kind of life do you have left on your tires? If it has been a few years since you last got tires, it is time to check their wear and tear. Have a certified technician inspect the tread level and purchase new tires if those you have are running low on tread. The smoother the tire the more dangerous they are when driving. 

How’s the battery?

Every few years, it is time to get a new battery for your car. They can easily be inspected at a nearby shop or parts store for their life quality. If it is below 80%, then it is time to get a new one with a warranty. 

Add Auto Insurance to these Maintenance Services!

While you are having your car inspected and serviced, it is time to check on a new auto insurance policy. If you live in the Blacksburg, VA area, you can use our online rating tool or call our agents at Dove Insurance Agency today for more information about the policies we offer. Let us help you get a quote.

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Extended Replacement Cost Coverage

Under the endorsements section of your homeowners or landlord policy you’ll typically see a list of available endorsements offered by your insurance carrier. If an endorsement is purchased it’s typically followed by a premium amount.

One endorsement that should be at the top of your list is Extended Replacement Cost Coverage. Wording may vary from carrier to carrier, but the coverage definition remains the same.

This adds additional coverage, usually in extensions of 25% and 50%, to your underlying Coverage A amount. For example, if the coverage on your property is for $200,000 and you’ve selected the 25% extension, then your policy will cover up to $250,000.

Extended Replacement Cost Coverage only applies to Coverage A (dwelling), and not Coverage B (Other Structures) or Coverage C (Personal Property).

Why Is This An Important Coverage?

Think of this as an extra safeguard to make sure you have enough coverage on your property. The best part about the Extended Replacement Cost Coverage endorsement is that usually adds a few dollars to the policy.

How Does Insurance Price My Home

One of the biggest questions regarding home insurance centers around the amount of coverage to place on your property. Most homeowners assume the amount of coverage will be equal to the amount they paid for their house.

It’s important to understand the difference between these two methods of valuation:

    Market value. This is the price paid for your home. Real estate pricing is based on market value. It’s a method that values property based upon the amount a willing buyer pays to a willing seller.

    Replacement cost. The cost it takes to rebuild your house in the same spot, at the same size and with the same quality of construction at today’s costs. Insurance companies use replacement cost, not market value.