3 Safe Driving Tips for Teens

As a teenager, getting your drivers’ license is the ultimate badge of honor. Being a safe driver comes with experience but it is also something that is taught. Parents who live in Blacksburg, VA can rely on the agents of Dove Insurance Agency to provide sound advice for their young drivers. The following tips will allow parents to set good examples while they are on the road.

Eliminate Distractions

Eliminating distractions may be easier said than done. You can start by limiting the number of passengers in the vehicle to one. Encourage your teen to set the radio to the station they want prior to leaving and only change the setting when they are stopped. The same is true for using a GPS or other electronic device.

Keep Cell Phones Out of Reach

Cell phones are the ultimate distraction but they can also be useful. If your teen is using their phone as a GPS, encourage them to enable their route before they leave. Putting their phone in a secure holder will allow them to see the screen without touching the phone. Remind them not to text or place phone calls while they are on the road.

Always Leave Early

As teenagers continue to gain experience, they become better drivers. Teaching them to leave early allows them to take their time. Rushing leads to mistakes and mistakes lead to accidents. Leave early and always be cautious.

Our Family of Independent Agents help parents find answers to many of the questions they have about their auto insurance. They can also learn ways to help their teens become safer drivers.

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