Get Guaranteed Value for Your Classic Car, Boat, or Motorcycle

For over 50 years Dove Insurance Agency has served the Commonwealth of Virginia, helping individuals and families find proper coverage for their needs.

One of our favorite areas of available products is insurance coverage for your classic car or recreational vehicle. There’s an excitement with the owners of these machines, and getting to the know the story behind the investment is captivating.

When it comes to insurance, do not make the mistake of simply insuring these classics on your personal auto policy—especially if they’ve held their value. A stated amount policy means coverage is available up to that amount but will pay this amount or the ACV (actual cash value), whichever is less!

That’s why our family of Independent Agents have partnered with Hagerty® to provide first class coverage for your investment.

About Hagerty®

Over 30 years, Hagerty has grown to be the leading global provider of classic car and boat insurance, but they’re still just a family business built on love for classics. Their passion drives them to keep improving their product and to give their clients the best service imaginable.

Why Hagerty®?

At Hagerty, they’re as passionate about classics as their clients are. Their deep knowledge of classic vehicles and their owners allows them to offer better coverage for less. They offer:

  • Guaranteed Value™ coverage – They’ll agree up front on a fair value for your classic, and in the event of a covered total loss, you’ll receive that full amount, less any deductible or salvage value, if retained. Guaranteed.
  • Flexible usage – Classic and collector cars were made to be driven. Whether you’re going to a show or taking a cruise to an ice cream shop, you are protected.
  • Hagerty Drivers Club™ – Hagerty Drivers Club™ gives members specialty roadside service designed specifically for classics, automotive discounts, members-only events, subscription to Hagerty magazine and much more – all at an incredible value.
  • Expert claims handling – Their claims adjusters are trained in classic vehicle repair. In event of a claim, they offer stock original replacement parts and even have specialists on staff to hunt down rare and hard to find parts.
  • Low premiums – Because they only protect classics, they’re able to offer insurance at rates considerably lower than daily driver insurance.

What Hagerty Insures:

Hagerty is the world’s leading insurance provider for classic vehicles, offering coverage for classic cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tractors and more. Hagerty also offers coverage for high-value collections, overseas shipping and touring, classic car-related businesses and club liability.

Guaranteed Value™

With Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value™ (agreed value) coverage, they’ll work with you to agree on a fair value for the classic, and in event of a covered total loss, they’ll pay that amount (minus any deductible or salvage value if you keep the vehicle).

To make sure your classic is properly protected, contact Dove Insurance Agency today to learn more about a Hagerty policy.

Rain or Snow?

This winter has been wet, and rainy. In fact, it’s a record setting winter for rainfall amounts for many parts of southwest Virginia.

Even as I’m writing this blog post it’s raining outside, and the 10-day future forecast features a familiar rain cloud on 5 of those days.

But as with all things, the weather is constantly changing. Six years ago, between 2-12-14 and 2-13-14, we felt the brunt of a major snowstorm. WSLS recently recapped the storm and the official snowfall totals:

Christiansburg: 23″

Blacksburg: 20.1″

Martinsville: 19.8″

Willis: 19.4″

Roanoke: 19″

Galax: 16″

I remember this storm and how quickly the snow covered our roads. It started here around lunchtime and within an hour we made plans to close up earlier to ensure everyone got home safe.

Measuring Rain to Snow

The frequent amount of rain recently got me thinking about the fine line between rain and snow. According to the NSSL, on average 1″ of rain equals 13″ of snow!

The above ration can also vary from 2″ for sleet to nearly 50″ for very dry, powder snow under certain conditions.

Why This Matters

Weather, and perhaps more importantly, preparing for inclement weather events is easily associated with insurance. For example, if you have comprehensive insurance (other than collision) on your auto and it’s damaged in a weather-related event, your vehicle may be covered.

The same is true on your homeowners. Certain damages by weather, including wind and snow, can be covered under by your policy. This is why your policy deductible matters.

Here To Help Serve You

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available. We’re here to serve you.

Let us help.

Learners Permit & Auto Insurance

Congratulations, your child is now old enough to get their learners permit and start driving! Where does the time go?

Now that you have a young driver in the household you might be thinking “how will this affect my auto insurance?”

For starters, if your son or daughter gets their learners permit you need to tell your insurance company. Most carriers do not rate for a driver with a learners permit. Only when they’re licensed are they rated as a new driver.

To add a driver with a learners permit to your policy, we’ll need their name, birthday, and license number (their customer number with VA DMV will be their license number.)

And that’s it!

If your child is an A/B student then a good student discount will applied once they’re licensed.

Serving the Commonwealth of Virginia For Over 50 Years!

At Dove Insurance Agency our family of Independent Agents are dedicated to serving you and working with your lifestyle. We’ll educate you on the coverage you need to keep your property and family secure, no matter what the future brings.

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available.

We’re here to serve you.

Business Insurance Made Easy

Business, Life, Home, and Auto. What do all these types of Insurance have in common?  All are available at 

It’s simple and easy to request a quote and, in some cases, even purchase a policy online.  Just look under the Compare Quotes tab.  You can begin the conversation online in just a few minutes.  You don’t need to look all over town for the best insurance options.  Save the legwork!  Let be your first stop.

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Extended Replacement Cost Coverage

Under the endorsements section of your homeowners or landlord policy you’ll typically see a list of available endorsements offered by your insurance carrier. If an endorsement is purchased it’s typically followed by a premium amount.

One endorsement that should be at the top of your list is Extended Replacement Cost Coverage. Wording may vary from carrier to carrier, but the coverage definition remains the same.

This adds additional coverage, usually in extensions of 25% and 50%, to your underlying Coverage A amount. For example, if the coverage on your property is for $200,000 and you’ve selected the 25% extension, then your policy will cover up to $250,000.

Extended Replacement Cost Coverage only applies to Coverage A (dwelling), and not Coverage B (Other Structures) or Coverage C (Personal Property).

Why Is This An Important Coverage?

Think of this as an extra safeguard to make sure you have enough coverage on your property. The best part about the Extended Replacement Cost Coverage endorsement is that usually adds a few dollars to the policy.

How Does Insurance Price My Home

One of the biggest questions regarding home insurance centers around the amount of coverage to place on your property. Most homeowners assume the amount of coverage will be equal to the amount they paid for their house.

It’s important to understand the difference between these two methods of valuation:

    Market value. This is the price paid for your home. Real estate pricing is based on market value. It’s a method that values property based upon the amount a willing buyer pays to a willing seller.

    Replacement cost. The cost it takes to rebuild your house in the same spot, at the same size and with the same quality of construction at today’s costs. Insurance companies use replacement cost, not market value.

What Are Your Property Goals For 2020?

A new year and a new decade is here. Can you remember where your life was at the beginning of 2010?

While 2030 may seem a long ways away it’ll be here before you know it. When dealing with housing and property, staying true to your goals over the next decade will make a big difference. Call it the long game, patience, or simply smart.

If you’re switching from a renter to a homeowner, make sure you calculate not only the cost of the purchase but also the monthly outflow needed to maintain the new property. For example, a homeowners insurance policy costs more than a renters insurance policy and often your utilities cost more too.

There’s also maintenance and household projects that will catch your attention.

Perhaps you’re looking into a rental property to provide an extra source of revenue. Places like Blacksburg, Salem, and Roanoke are hot markets for townhouses and single-family rentals. Again, think about the costs associated with renting out and the additional liability exposures.

Even secondary or seasonal homes comes with their own set of tasks.

2020 is the start of a good year, and an even better decade. Take the time to plan out your investments and give yourself time before you make a decision.

How do I find insurance for my professional office?

Business Insurance for most professional offices such as Accounting and Bookkeeping, Dentists and Doctors, and more, is easy to find with our online rater

Simply go to our website at and click on Business Insurance.  You can get a full quote in just minutes at your own convenience! 

Coverage options help you customize for your Building, Business Property, and Liability as well as Loss of Income from Business Interruptions.  Workers Compensation is also available and can also be quoted easily.

As always, feel free to contact our office at 540-382-4277 for personalized service.  Dove Insurance Agency is pleased to provide Business and Personal Insurance to customers across the entire State of Virginia!

Switch and Save On Your Personal Insurance

Dove Insurance Agency is family owned and operated; the same way we’ve been for over 50 years!

Let us help with your Home, Auto, Motorcycle, RV, and rental properties today. It’s free to quote and we’ll compare rates with multiples carriers to get you the lowest price without sacrificing your coverage limits.

It’s easy to switch and you’ll get a refund from your prior carrier as they’ll only charge for the number of days the policy was in force.

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And the best part, we’re here for you when needs arise such as policy changes, billing questions, reporting claims, or questions regarding coverage. 

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How much does Business Insurance Cost?

Whether you have an existing business or planning to start something new it’s important to include insurance cost in your budget. 

The actual cost will depend on the type of business you have and the coverages you need.  For example, many trade contractors can purchase a basic General Liability policy for less than $50 per month.  However if you have employees, subcontractors, or equipment to insure then the cost may be more.

If you have property or equipment then a Business Owners Policy may be the most appropriate.  A Business Owners Policy can be tailored for most Offices, Retailers, Service Providers, and even Restaurants.  How much does it cost?  It will depend on your business class and activity.

We Can Help Find You Coverage Specific To Your Business

The easiest way to get covered is to fill out an online quote.  This will let you quote multiple lines of business instantly.  It’s easy and quick! 

As always, if you would like to discuss your needs with one of our agents then feel free to call us at 540-382-4277.  We serve the entire State of Virginia!

Dove Insurance Has Served Virginia For Over 50 Years!

Too often the topic of insurance gets placed solely on price. It’s easy to get a comparative rate, and no, online rates are not definitely cheaper than working with a local agent.  But going simply off price and ignoring the lasting partnerships that you can create within your community and you may miss out in the long run.

Many of us support shop local, eat local, and buy local campaigns. So why not choose to place your insurance business local?

For over 50 years Dove Insurance Agency has served the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Independent Agency for Home, Auto, Life, Business, and Recreational insurance. Based in Christiansburg, Va, we’ve built partnerships across Virginia. We’re here for you, let us help.

Dove Insurance is also a proud Dave Ramsey ELP.