Certificate of Insurance

If you are planning on remodeling your home, adding an extension, or having maintenance and repair work done (tree cutting, pressure washing, or paving) make sure you ask for a Certificate of Insurance from the professional you hire.

A Certificate of Insurance is as simple as it sounds—a certificate showing insurance coverages (usually for general liability and/or workers compensation) for the individual or company you are hiring.

For example, Dove Insurance Agency has a general liability policy for ABC Tree Removal. Jennifer wants to hire ABC Tree Removal to remove trees from her property and wants proof that an active insurance policy is in force in case something goes wrong. On request we will send a Certificate of Insurance made out to Jennifer showing the policy information, coverages, and effective dates for ABC Tree Removal.

It is recommended that you do not hire an individual or company if they cannot provide a Certificate of Insurance. This gives you written proof of an active insurance policy.