Coverage B: Other Structures

Standard on Virginia homeowners policies are coverages labeled:

  • A – Dwelling
  • B – Other Structures
  • C – Personal Property
  • D – Loss of use
  • E – Personal Laibility
  • F – Medical Payments to Others

Coverage A is based on the replacement cost or ACV of your property, depending on the valuation your policy is based on. Coverages E and F come in various amounts offered by each specific carrier.

Coverages B, C, and D are automatically included on your homeowners policy for no additional premium and are based on your Coverage A – Dwelling amount. Typical coverage amounts are set on certain percentages offered by each carrier.

Coverage B

Our focus today is on Coverage B – Other Structures. This provides coverage on structures not attached to the main dwelling such as detached garages, sheds, and outbuildings.

Note that not every building type will be covered. Certain structures such as other dwellings (apartment buildings, mobile homes), specific structures without a masonry or concrete foundation, and structures used in the course of a business are generally not covered. It’s a good idea to ask your carrier for a full list of acceptability.

Virginia homeowners policies typically provide 10% of coverage for Coverage B – Other Structures. Again, this amount is provided at no additional premium.

So if you carry $200,000 for Coverage A – Dwelling then you’ll receive up to $20,000 (10%) for Coverage B – Other Structures. Even if you do not have any other structures your policy will still provide this amount for any future other structures added on.

Additional coverage is available for an additional premium.

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