Is My Pool Eligible For Homeowners Insurance?

A quick answer to the above question is yes… and no.

Coverage depends on your carrier, and specifically the eligibility in their pool requirements. For example, here are (2) different insurance companies and their underwriting guidelines for pools:

Company A:

“Properties with swimming pools, hot tubs or spas must be gated with a minimum of a 4 foot fence and locking gate or approved alternate enclosure. Swimming pools, hot tubs and spas must be maintained in working condition. Diving boards or slides are not permitted.”

Company B:

“Properties with unfenced swimming pools, diving boards, or pool slides are ineligible.”

While the above specifics may sound similar there are some notable differences. Some insurance companies have even more specific language for pool requirements such as a minimum required pool depth.

Bottom line: you should always check with your insurance agent about coverage for pools. Don’t assume that coverage applies or that your property remains eligible. Always ask.