How Will The Age of My Roof Affect My Home Insurance?

How old is your roof? The question may be simple, yet for many homeowners it’s a difficult one to answer. Unless you’ve replaced it during your ownership, discovering the roof’s age can take some research—and remember, no signs of leaking doesn’t mean it’s in acceptable condition.

If your property is a recent purchase then your home inspection report should have a section on the roof’s condition. For older purchases, a roofing contractor can estimate the life expectancy of your current roof, and identify any issues.

Checking the roof from the ground is a poor way to assess your roof’s condition. Shingles wear, tear, and age. They also curl and come loose. The flashing around your vents may need updating or perhaps it’s your ridge vent that needs fixing. You could also have mold in hard to see areas.

Having your roof inspected every five years or so is a good habit to keep. It’ll give you peace of mind and help identify any problems early on.

So how does your roof’s age and condition factor into your home insurance? Well, it depends on your situation and the specifics of your insurance carrier:

  • For new policies, most insurance providers will have an age requirement for your roof. Typically it must be no more than 20 or 25 years old.
  • The life expectancy of your roof is also a factor. For example, if an inspection on your house is ordered and your insurance provider has questions regarding the life expectancy of your roof (how many reasonable years it has left), you may need a professional roofer to inspect and sign off on its current state.
  • Type of roof matters. Metal, asphalt, and architectural shingles can make a difference in the rate but also the replacement cost for your home.
  • Some home insurance policies provide discounts for newer, full replace roofs, while some policies will surcharge for older, poorer condition roofs
  • A Roof in poor condition can be deemed unacceptable and may result in a policy cancellation if repairs/concerns are not met.
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Local Insurance Options, Personal and Commercial

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” — Peter Drucker

The above quote has been recited countless times in management and business courses throughout the world. To build better leaders and to improve efficiency in an ever evolving society, we need sound principles to retain our focus. But these words aren’t solely for businesses applications as our daily lives can reap enormous benefits from this wisdom as well.

Being part of a community as a business owner means many things. Yet first and foremost is the simple fact that you, as an individual, represent both your personal and business identities. Our family agency started in Radford, Va over 50 years ago. We’ve been able to grow by building relationships across the Commonwealth and trying our best to provide superior customer service. Now three generations strong our family agency is still growing. So, as simple as it may seem, we’d like to say Thank You—to everyone we’ve had the pleasure to know over the years.

When you understand the role insurance plays for your home, auto or business, it’s easy to see how effective certain coverages can be and the immense value they hold.

The good news is that our family of Independent Agents can work with you one-on-one to find the right solution for your insurance needs. When you meet with one of our Independent Agents, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to find the best value.

Simply put: We Don’t Work For Just One Insurance Carrier.

When you walk inside our doors or call us on the phone, we listen to your needs and help you make the correct choices.

This means you’ll never be forced into a specific company or into a policy that ultimately feels wrong. And unlike an online insurance provider, our family of Independent Agents can give you personalized attention and help whenever you have questions.

At Dove Insurance, we’ve worked with our clients across the Commonwealth of Virginia for over 50 years to help them make the right decisions. By choosing Dove Insurance, you can cover any of your personal and commercials insurance needs, such as:

Personal Autos
Rental Properties
Life Insurance
Flood Insurance
Classic Cars
Commercial Auto
Personal Umbrella
Renter’s Insurance
General & Excess Liability
Businessowners Policy
Commercial Packages
Commercial Umbrella
Worker’s Compensation

Discover everything an Independent Agent can do for you!

Dove Insurance serves Virginia; including Blacksburg, Carawba, Centreville, Christiansburg, Covington, Floyd, Galax. Harrisonburg, Hopewell, Leesburg, Lynchburg, Pulaski, Radford, Richmond, Riner, Roanoke, Salem, Staunton, Waynesboro, and Wytheville.

Learn How a Wood Stove Can Affect Your Insurance

Ask a lot of homeowners in southwest Virginia about an attractive way to add charm to a home and one popular answer you’ll hear is to install a wood stove. Not only do wood stoves provide supplemental heat in the winter, but the natural smell of burning wood is tough to beat. And depending on your budget, some wood stoves add a unique aesthetic touch to any room.

But did you know that a wood stove can affect your homeowners insurance?

In fact, one of the biggest concerns with a wood stove is eligibility issues. Some insurance carriers won’t issue a policy with a wood stove, and most carriers add a small charge to your premium for having one.

And it doesn’t matter if the wood stove is used—just the presence of a flue is enough.

So what do you need to know about a wood stove and your insurance policy? Here are some items to consider:

  1. Wood stoves must be disclosed on an insurance application or if installed later it’s your responsibility to notify your insurance carrier.
  2. Check with your insurance carrier about wood stove requirements. These vary from company to company, but usually include requirements such as professional installation, annually cleaned/safety check, and signed company specific questionnaire.
  3. The location of your wood stove matters. For example, having a wood stove in a garage or detached structure is unacceptable by many carriers. Always ask about outdoor wood stoves.
  4. Most insurance companies will not allow a wood stove to be the main heat source. A thermostatically controlled heating system is generally required

Serving The Commonwealth of Virginia For Over 50 Years

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available. We’re here to serve you.

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The Start Of A New Financial Climb: 2019

One way or another, securing our finances for the New Year always makes our resolution list. Just as the sun starts it climb anew everyday, January 1st brings the start to a new financial climb.

And trust me, everyone worries about their finances. (For example, did you know the average monthly car loan payment is $530 for new vehicles and $381 for used ones?)*

However, there are other items to consider besides cash flow when making your 2019 financial plans.

Will you make an extra effort to support local businesses in 2019? From Roanoke to Blacksburg, southwest VA has many great businesses like cafes and shops, salons, tech start-ups, trade services, and licensed professionals that rely on their community.

Will you increase your charitable contributions this year? Find an effort you wish to support by holding back some extra income and give with an open heart. Even a few dollars per month is a good start.

Are you holding back enough for your family’s future? It’s a fact: everyday kids get older and you get closer to retirement. If you need help take a look at the experts from The Dave Ramsey show and start laying the groundwork to your financial peace.

What will you read to improve your financial literacy? News headlines don’t count. Discover new educational outlets to study on a financial topic that interests you. Libraries are a great way to start, and they’re free.

2019 is going to be a great year!

It’s true. It won’t always be easy, but continue to persevere and take each step with the awareness of improving your life and those around you.

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be yet wiser.” — Proverbs 9:9

*third quarter of 2018 according to credit reporting agency Experian

Planning For Your Insurance in 2019

Time flies by. In a few short weeks we’ll usher in 2019 and the last year of this decade. Do you realize that 10 years ago (that’s 2009 for you non-math majors) we witnessed such headlines as: GM filing for bankruptcy, Michael Jackson passing away, President Obama being sworn in, Cash For Clunkers being a thing,  and the Pittsburgh Steelers surviving the Arizona Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII.

Though you may remember some of these events, can you remember where you were in life 10 years ago? And how much has life changed in this same time frame?

Your insurance needs evolve over time. There are numerous “life events” such as marriage, kids learning to drive, newer cars, or perhaps your assets have grown and now you need broader coverages; but whatever life throws at you it pays to talk with an Independent Agent.

We’re here for you. 

A good story is someone we spoke with recently and quoted multiple policies for. This married couple had an online policy for many years and wanted to compare some rates. When we looked over their current coverages, the most striking issue we saw were state minimum liability amounts. This couple not only owned their home and a rental property, but they were medical professionals. When we explained the risk they were taking to save a few dollars from this online policy, they wisely listened. Understanding your insurance should be part of your buying decision.

Remember, insurance isn’t just a rate. 

Serving The Commonwealth of Virginia For Over 50 Years

At Dove Insurance Agency our family of Independent Agents are dedicated to serving you and working with your lifestyle. We’ll educate you on the coverage you need to keep your property and family secure, no matter what the future brings.

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available.

A Quick Look at the Long History of Travelers Insurance

“In 1864, Hartford businessman James G. Batterson met a local banker, James E. Bolter, in the post office. Bolter had heard that Batterson and several fellow townsmen were organizing a company to introduce accident insurance to the United States. He asked Batterson how much he would charge to insure him for his four-block walk home. “Two cents,” Batterson said.”

Between TV, internet, and radio ads it’s rare for an insurance commercial not to be seen or heard every hour. Some are funny, and some not. Interestingly very few tell you anything about their coverage offerings outside a few catch phrases, but that’s another discussion.

My point is that as consumers we only hear from 4 or 5 insurance companies when in fact there’s 100 licensed carriers in Virginia.

One of the oldest and most reliable insurance carriers, Travelers Insurance (A++ by A.M. best), is one of many options you have for personal and commercial insurance lines in Virginia. As an Independent Insurance Agency, our family at Dove Insurance has worked with Travelers Insurance for 50 years.

Our take on this long partnership is simple: you don’t do business with someone this long if they don’t take of people. And Travelers has done an excellent job over the decades.

Interesting Facts About Travelers Insurance

Travelers Insurance has as a history of insurance firsts. Just take a look at this long list of industry milestones:

1864: *Introduced accident insurance.
1897: *Issued an automobile insurance policy.
1889: Offered liability insurance to employers, known today as workers compensation.
1903: *Opened an insurance school.
1904: *Organized a corps of safety engineers.
1919: *Offered aircraft liability insurance, with a full aviation program.
1956: *Established a weather research center.
1958: *Offered life insurance to women at lower rates than men.
1961: *Introduced a new coverage option for electronic data processing.
1968: *Pioneered the “CAT Van,” a specially modified RV used as a mobile claim office to assist policyholders after disasters.
1969: *Issued accident policies for space flight and lunar exploration.
1971: *Established the Office of Consumer Information, providing all consumers, not just Travelers customers, with a toll-free number, to call and comment on insurance issues or ask insurance-related questions.
1980: *Installed an interactive company/insurance agency computer system.
1997: *Launched an insurance policy to protect individuals who use personal computers for online banking.

*Insurance industry first


Progressive Home & Auto Insurance with the help of an Independent Agent

At Dove Insurance Agency our family of Independent Agents are dedicated to serving you and working with your lifestyle. We’ll educate you on the coverage you need to keep your property and family secure, no matter what the future brings.

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available.

Progressive Insurance

One of the many carriers we represent is Progressive. Our family of Independent Agents can look at bundling your home and auto insurance with Progressive to maximize savings. In fact, these are all the insurance products Progressive offers that we can help you with:

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Renters
  • Condo
  • Boat/PWC
  • Motorcycle
  • ATV
  • Dirt Bike
  • Moped/Scooter
  • Snowmobile
  • RV/Trailer
  • Umbrella
  • Golf Cart
  • Segway
  • Commercial Auto

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What Are Your Auto Bodily Injury Options & Which Should You Choose?

Has anyone ever explained to you what your liability options are on a personal policy and how it covers you? Did you know that choosing the correct amount of liability coverage can help protect your assets?

When you purchase a Home or Auto insurance plan it’s important to understand the role your liability coverage plays, and choosing the right liability option can help protect you and your family:

Bodily Injury Limits

“I just need the cheapest insurance policy.”

“I don’t want to be over insured.”

“Someone can’t take what I don’t have.”

These phrases and their like are common when dealing with auto insurance. Yes, insurance is a bill that most of us would rather not pay. However, whether you understand its’ role or not, insurance helps protect you.

Your bodily injury limits on your auto insurance policy cover others that may be injured from an accident where you’re held legally liable. In other words, it protects you up to the policy amounts where you’re held responsible. The required Virginia state minimum coverage is $25,000/$50,000/$20,000 for an auto insurance policy. How is this read? It’s simple.

Let’s say you rear-end another vehicle at a stop light. The driver and passenger both go to the hospital, their vehicle is severely damaged, and you’re found at-fault for the incident. If your policy contains the above limits, it means your policy will pay the injured party no more than $25,000 per person and no more than $50,000 per accident. It’ll also pay up to $20,000 for property damage (their car). So if their bills total $100,000 or a lawsuit is filed the above limits are the maximum amount your policy will pay. Once your insurance policy limits are exhausted, you may be left with the remaining bill.

Depending on your situation, it may only cost a few dollars more per month to increase your liability limits.

If you’re a homeowner it’s generally recommended to carry no less than liability limits of $100,000/$300,000/$100,000. Higher limits are also available and you if you have more assets that need protecting you should ask about an Umbrella policy (excess liability).

Think About What’s Out There

It’s not secret that medical costs are rising. Vehicles are now equipped more technology and so are their costs. Lawyers haven’t disappeared.

Talk to our Family of Independent Agents today and see what coverage options are available to you. For over 50 years we’ve served families across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Let us help.

Accessing Your Attic: Find Out About What Your Home Insurance Policy Says About Utilizing This Space

How many stairs are you willing to climb to get the most benefit from every single inch of your living space? Converting your unfinished attic can affect your home insurance, and it mostly depends on what you plan to do with your space.

Here are just a few home insurance considerations to ponder before you begin your utilization of your attic space:

  • What is the space going to be used for? Is this space going to be a bedroom, a complete dormer, an entertainment area, a nursery? Your insurance responsibilities differ according to how space will be used.
  • Do you plan on renting the space to a family member or outsider? There are several additional consideration that you must review if you are going to rent the space. It will also have ramifications on your entire home insurance policy.
  • What utilities do you want to have in your attic space?  Will you need air-conditioning? Will you need heat? Is this space going to be used during all four seasons of the year?
  • What amenities do you want to place in your attic renovation? Will there be a bathroom? Will there be a kitchen area? Will there be entertainment space?

Market Value vs Replacement Cost

If I only paid $180,000 for my home, why does my insurance company want me to insure it for $225,000?

One of the biggest questions regarding home insurance centers around the amount of coverage to place on your home. Most homeowners assume the amount of coverage will be equal to the amount they paid for their house or the amount your town/county taxes places on your property.

It’s important to understand the difference between these two methods of valuation:

Market value. This is the price paid for your home. Real estate and property tax estimates are based on market value. It’s a method that values property based upon the amount a willing buyer would pay to a willing seller. In other words, the current value of your home based on market prices.

Replacement cost. The cost it will take to rebuild your house in the same spot, at the same size, and with the same quality of construction at today’s costs. Insurance companies use replacement cost, not market value. The specific configurations of your home (ex. square footage, brick or frame, garages, bathrooms, custom kitchens, etc..)  are used to determine the approximate replacement cost.

Here To Help Serve You

If you’re already a homeowner or anticipating a home closing, contact us today.

Instead of working for one big company, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available. We’re here to serve you.

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Multiple Options For Your Home or Rental Property

We all love options. Having only one path, especially when purchasing a product, can make us feel uneasy. Think about the last time you purchased a car, a home, or even dinner. You had lots of options for each of these purchases, and were never limited to just one choice. Insurance is no different. Though the same three or four insurance companies run endless, and sometimes funny, TV and radio commercials they represent only a small portion of available insurance providers.

  • Is there a better option?
  • Am I paying too much?
  • Does this company fit my billing needs?
  • Are there specific coverages I should know about?

Multiple Carriers, Multiple Options

At Dove Insurance Agency, our family of Independent Agents represent multiple insurance providers. This allows us to compare rates and coverages so you’ll get the best coverage-to-value policy available. We’re here to serve you. Check at this list of just some of the insurance companies we represent for home and property insurance:

  • Progressive Home
  • Travelers Insurance
  • Safeco (part of Liberty Mutual)
  • The Hartford
  • Northern Neck Insurance
  • Lititz Mutual
  • National General Insurance
  • Universal Property & Casualty
  • Mercury Insurance
  • State Auto
  • Grange Insurance
  • and more!

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