What are we covering with RV insurance?

  • Vacation liability: you never know when someone could be hurt at your campsite or in your RV.
  • Towing and labor: when your RV breaks down on the road we offer services to move it to a mechanical expert
  • Theft of valuables in your RV
  • Roadside assistance: to assist in case of mechanical issues
  • Uninsured drivers: they could cause accidents which could result in you taking the loss.
  • Vandalism: someone could deliberately cause damage to your RV
  • Collision: when you hit something or are involved in an accident.


Here are some example coverage options from just one of our carriers:

  • Total Loss Replacement – replaces a “totaled” RV with a new model of similar make and quality
  • Pest Damage Protection — provides coverage for damage to motor homes and non-stationary travel trailers caused by rats, mice, insects, birds, other non-domesticated animals
  • Roof Protection Plus® — Provides coverage to repair or completely replace the vehicle’s roof if it’s damaged; this coverage includes general wear and tear, and damage to other parts of the vehicle caused directly by the roof’s malfunction
  • Emergency Vacation Expense – provides up to $2,000 for lodging and transportation if an RV is damaged during a trip
  • Disappearing Deductibles – reduces the deductible by 25 percent at each claim free renewal
  • Full Timer’s Package – extra coverage for customers who use an RV as their home
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects – protects the insured’s personal items including cameras, clothes, cell phones, etc.
  • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance – provides assistance for disabled vehicles – and we’ll be sure to to send a tow truck that can handle your customer’s RV
  • Windshield Coverage – $0 deductible option for replacing a damaged windshield
  • Free Pet Injury Coverage – pays up to $1,000 toward veterinary fees or the pet’s replacement

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